The conference includes the following Mini-Symposia (MS) open to all conference delegates. Click on the links below to find out more about each MS session.

MS-1: Recent developments in surface microscopy
Organiser: Dr. Matthew Bergin, University of Newcastle, Australia

MS-2: Light-matter interaction at atomic scales
Organiser: Dr. Alberto Martín Jiménez, IMDEA Nanociencia, Spain

MS-3: On-surface synthesis of 1D and 2D functional graphitic materials
Organiser: Dr. Alex Saywell, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

MS-4: Vacuum Insulation Energy Technologies for Energy Savings
Organiser: Prof. Saim Memon, Department of Industrial R&D in Vacuum Insulation Energy Technologies,
Sanyou London Pvt Ltd, UK

MS-5: Electrochemical MEMs sensing for environmental and biological monitoring
Organiser: Prof. Haitao Ye, University Of Leciester, United Kingdom

The RGA User Group, UK (Chair- Robin Hathaway, SS Scientific, Organiser - Joe Herbert, STFC Daresbury Laboratory)

What is a mini-symposia?

A mini-symposium (MS) is a session of 5 to 7 coordinated presentations on a single topic of current interest in the domain of IUVSTA topics and in accordance with the scope of the conference. The underlying idea of MS is to encourage the diversity of speakers and of the scientific topics through granting its organisation to a specialist in the topic.

Other information

  • The format of the MS presentations is 12 min + 3 min questions.
  • MS keynote (or invited) presentations are 25 + 5 min (a keynote talk is optional with maximum one keynote presentation per MS).
  • Typically, a MS should be organised as follows: 
    • 1 MS keynote presentation followed by 4 or 6 standard presentations
    • Alternatively, 6 or 8 standard presentations is also possible 
    • Total duration of the MS could be either 1h30 or 2h00.
  • Please note that EVC-17/ECOSS-37 is unable to reimburse the expenses or waive the registration fees of organisers and speakers. All organisers and speakers must register for the conference and are subject to the corresponding registration fees.
  • MS organisers can however apply for separate travel grants at different institutions (e.g. EPS travel grant or IUVSTA-Elsevier travel award
  • Presentations submitted for a MS must follow the abstract submission guidelines.
  • MS speakers should, as much as possible, come from different institutions.
The deadline date for submitting interest has now passed. If you have any queries relating to the mini-symposia please email 

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