Abstract Submission

A list of all talks accepted for the conference are available, click on the links below: 

Abstract submission for oral and poster presentations is now closed. 

Abstracts will be categorised into the following ‘broad themes’, with an “Other” category for any aspects not covered by the  pre-defined titles. Please click on the link below to begin your submission. Note that there is an expectation that by submitting an abstract, the presenting author will go on to register. There is no fee for submitting your abstract(s).

  • Applied Surface Science 
  • Biointerfaces             
  • Electronic Materials and Processing
  • Nanometer Structures           
  • Plasma Science and Technologies      
  • Surface Engineering
  • Surface Science        
  • Thin Film     
  • Vacuum Science and Technology
  • Other.

Please complete all sections of the form and agree to the terms and conditions. The corresponding author will receive an email confirming receipt of the submission. Further information can be found in the submission portal. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can email vivien.thomas@iop.org


Conference Prizes

To recognise outstanding research reported in the conference talks, several prizes will be awarded during Friday's closing ceremony. 

Early Career Researcher (ECR) Poster Prizes
This year’s ECR poster prizes are sponsored by the IOP Vacuum Group, Particle Accelerators and Beams Group and the Thin Films and Surfaces Group.

The total prize sum is £600 and £100 will be awarded to the six best contributions, two from each poster session which take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Early Career Researcher (ECR) Top Poster Prize
The best poster selected from the six winners will win £250. 

EPS Student Poster Prize
This year’s Student Poster Prize is sponsored by EPS.

The total prize sum is 200 euros and it will be awarded to the best student poster that is reviewed within the ECR poster prize category. 

A student is defined as someone registered on a course that will lead to the award of an undergraduate, masters, or doctoral degree. 

Early Career Researcher (ECR) Oral Prize
This year’s ECR oral award is sponsored by SPECS.

The total prize sum is 2,000 euros and the first prize will be awarded 1,000 euros, second prize 600 euros and third prize 400 euros. 

Early career researchers are defined as being 35 years or under, and there’s automatic entry into this competition if the age eligibility requirement is fulfilled.

Harry Leck Medal
The medal is awarded for significant contributions to British scientific research and/or related scientific/technical communities, in the field of Vacuum Science and Technology. The medal has been established to honour the memory of Prof. John Henry Leck.

To nominate for this award please fill in the ‘Nomination Form’. The deadline for nominations is 26 April 2024.

Early career researchers are defined as being 35 years or under, and there’s automatic entry into this competition if the age eligibility requirement is fulfilled.

Judging criteria for poster and oral prizes:

Due to the high level of entries the list of nominees will be reduced by review of the abstract submission scoring system by the relevant working group. Then further reduced to a more manageable number by the award working group, who will then review the identified presentations and award the prizes.

Candidates will be scored on both the content and style of their presentation each on a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (outstanding to exceptional).

Content score which considers the science itself:

  • Is there contextualisation of the science in a clear introduction?
  • Is there a clear description of methodology and results appropriate for the audience?
  • Are the data and figures correctly presented?
  • Is there a clear conclusion?
  • Does the candidate handle questioning well?
Style score which considers the style in which the science is presented:           
  • Can you hear the presenter in the space and are they understandable? 
  • Does the presenter appear nervous or are they confident in their presentation?
  • Is the poster/oral of a suitable quality?

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