Vacuum Technology Courses

The series of eight introductory level vacuum technology courses (VTC1-VTC8) are arranged by the Vacuum Symposium UK and they are recommended to everyone who wants to learn about the basics of all aspects of vacuum technology and instrumentation. Each course can be taken independently, they don't lead on from one another. 

Attend the VTC sessions as part of the conference fee: registering to attend the conference gives you access to any of the VTC sessions. Please note: there's no need to book and availability is on a first-come, served-served basis on the day, so we recommend arriving early to reserve a seat.

Attending the VTC separately to the conference: the cost to attend the VTC is £60pp/per session (included in the fee: guaranteed access to the session, tea/coffee refreshments, view the exhibition. Access to the conference and social programme are not permitted). 

The Sessions take place in the Theatre, Exhibition Hall.

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  • VTC3 - Clean vacuum and UHV, Keith Middleman from STFC Daresbury Laboratory
    9am to 12pm, Monday 17 June 2024 (3 hours with 30 minute break)

  • VTC1 - Vacuum - The Basic Principles, Stuart Astin from University of Salford
    2pm to 5pm, Monday 17 June 2024 (3 hours with 30 minute break)

  • VTC4 - An Introduction to Leak Detection, Johann Peitl from Leybold Vacuum
    9am to 12pm, Tuesday 18 June 2024 (3 hours with 30 minute break)

  • VTC2 - Vacuum in practice - Atmosphere to High Vacuum, Richard Pilkington from University of Salford 
    2pm to 5pm, Tuesday 18 June 2024 (3 hours with 30 minute break) 

  • VTC5 - Design & Fabrication of Vacuum Chambers, Sophia Plomer-Thies from Pfeiffer Vacuum
    5:30pm to 7:30pm, Tuesday 18 June 2024 (2 hours)
  • VTC7 - Practical Training on Pump Maintenance and Troubleshooting, Adam Ross and Raj Das from Leybold Vacuum
    9am to 12pm, Wednesday 19 June 2024 (3 hours with 30 minute break)   
  • VTC8 - An Introduction to Cryopumping, Jinane Haddad from Leybold Vacuum  
    2pm to 5pm, Wednesday 19 June 2024 (3 hours with 30 minute break)
  • VTC6 - Introduction to Mass Spectrometry and Residual Gas Analysis (RGA), Graham Cooke from Hiden Analytical 
    9am to 11:30am, Thursday 20 June 2024 (2 1/2 hours)  
Click here to find out more information about each of the courses.

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