Abstract Submission

Contributions for oral and poster are invited in any of the topics listed below. Abstracts should be a maximum of 1-page of A4 and submitted using the template below. The submission deadline of 26 April 2024 has now passed, however the submissions portal will stay open for posters only until nearer the 1 June 2024. 

Download the abstract template


  • Dynamical processes in soft matter, including polymers, gels, liquid crystals, self-assembled materials, colloids, etc.
  • Dynamics in biological and bio-related systems, including proteins, lipids, etc… and their relation to activity, functions and transport properties
  • Role of dynamics in systems of medical relevance
  • Dynamics of water or other polar or amphiphilic liquids under different environments
  • Relaxation phenomena during glass formation for various glass materials
  • Dynamics in liquids, ionic liquids, or other complex fluids
  • Dynamics of ionic and protonic conductors, and electrolytes
  • Dynamics in catalytic or energy storage materials
  • Dynamics of novel materials for industrial applications
  • Lattice dynamics and Spin dynamics of magnetic systems
  • QENS instrumentation and sample environment
  • Complementary techniques including theory and computational methods


  • New ideas, new concepts and new designs for neutron spectrometers
  • Novel devices, detectors and sample environments: polarization, magnetic field, pressure, soft matter environments
  • Software for data acquisition and analysis, and instrument simulation

Please click on the link below to begin your submission. Note that there is an expectation that by submitting an abstract, the presenting author will go on to register. There is no fee for submitting your abstract(s).

During your submission, please upload a recent photograph and short biography outlining your work and research interests which will only be visible once the programme is available. Please complete all sections of the form and agree to the terms and conditions. The corresponding author will receive an email confirming receipt of the submission. Further information can be found in the submission portal. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can email claire.garland@iop.org

Submission Portal

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