Invited Speakers

The Physics of Poppits and Jumping Poppers

Prof Dominic Vella, University of Oxford

Prof Dominic Vella is world renowned for discovering ‘the Cheerios effect’ whereby pieces of breakfast cereal floating on the surface of milk aggregate and clump together because of surface tension.  As well as studying his breakfast cereal, he has investigated the rucks that form in a rug, the stability of a pizza slice and the pressurization of beach balls.

The Science of Slime and Stretchy Arms

Prof Anke Lindner,  University Paris Diderot

Prof Anke Lindner is an expert on ‘complex fluids’ which describes a wide range of common substances, from foams and shampoos to paper pulp and even blood.  She’s a Fellow of the American Physical Society and was recently award a Silver Medal from the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS).

Hidden Toys in Everyday Life

Prof Jose Bico, ESPCI Paris

Prof Jose Bico is the godfather of ‘elastocapillarity’ which is the physical reason why feathers and hairs clump together when wet. He recently wrote a book with some friends, Hidden Wonders, about the physical elegance of everyday objects.

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