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NuFor is the dedicated forum aimed at bringing together academia, industry and government, to share developments, successes and highlights in the field of Nuclear Forensics with a wider, multidisciplinary audience. This annual conference provides a collaborative space for international discussion and alliance in this unique field. As well as engaging with UK and US national laboratories, NuFor attracts participation from policy makers and law enforcement organisations, providing a multidisciplinary engagement on the importance of Nuclear Forensics and Nuclear Security in the modern world. This conference is designed to be accessible to early careers professionals as well as subject matter experts. Additionally, the first day of the conference has a focus to engage with pre-university education to promote STEM pathways into the Nuclear and National Security sectors. 

 So, what is Nuclear Forensics? It is the application of materials characterisation, data analysis and assessment of nuclear or radiological materials found outside of regulatory control, involving the identification of materials, intended use and origin to support law enforcement and related investigations.

“…materials characterisation…”

Non-destructive assay
Physical characteristics
Chemical and radiochemical

“…data analysis…”

Statistical assessment
Comparative analysis
Material modelling
Process simulation

“…assessment to materials…”

Subject matter expertise input
Research on historic programmes
Application of uncertainties
Critical thinking and reporting

NuFor aims to highlight the role Nuclear Forensics plays in underpinning sovereign security and the opportunities that exist for those entering into the STEM education pipeline, promoting the exchange of information and good practice between those already involved in Nuclear Forensics and other specialists who could provide wider value to the Nuclear Forensics community.

Nuclear Forensics is a community of practitioners. My observation was to witness how we re-joined as scientists, nuclear security officers, law enforcement officials, professors, graduate students and pupils to use the common language of science to advance the cause of making our families, our cities, our nations and our alliances that much more secure… What we witnessed was an endorsement of this community. The hard work, the innovation and the discovery shown bright.

David Smith, KCL, Closing Remarks, NuFor 2022

NuFor was born out of a drive to make a meaningful impact. My vision was to convene the influencers and leader in the fields of Nuclear Forensics and Nuclear Security, providing them a platform to highlight the exceptional work they do in safeguarding our nation. NuFor stands apart – it is designed for those not already involved in Nuclear Forensics or security, from students in upper Key Stage 4 to PhD and post-doctoral researchers as well as those working in seemingly unrelated industries but have key skills we can use. Our goal is to galvanise STEM education into careers within the nuclear and related industries, elevating awareness of the opportunities available to contribute to our nation’s safety.

Roy Awbery, Founder

This is the ‘dream-team’ – our two nuclear laboratories bringing their respective areas of expertise to jointly deliver the UK Nuclear Forensics provenance capability is a true reflection on integrated capability in the threat reduction arena. This aligns with the need for integration across civil and defence nuclear… [and] the ability to engage and enthuse scientists and particularly next generation/ early careers scientists, within our respective laboratories to deliver this national security capability is a truly exciting agenda and worthy cause.

Paul Howarth, NNL, CEO, NuFor 2023


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