Nanomechanical and electromechanical systems


Gianluca Rastelli

CNR-INO, CENTRO bec, Italy                                 

Adrian Bachtold

ICFO, Spain

Edward Laird

Lancaster University, UK

Eva Weig

Technical University of Munich, Germany

Keywords: nanomechanics, electromechanics

Understanding the behavior of small-scale systems is a key prerequisite for future advancements in nanotechnologies. Emblematic examples include low-dimensional mechanical resonators, which have applications as ultra-sensitive detectors. Furthermore electromechanical and hybrid systems combine quantum conductors or solid-state qubits with high-quality resonators or phononic degrees of freedom on-chip. These systems have attracted a great deal of attention in recent years. In this research area, different promising directions have emerged.

The nonlinear regime has recently become the focus of systematic experimental research. Nonlinearity opens up interesting new possibilities for signal enhancement and noise reduction. These systems – frequently operating at room temperature –provide a means of exploring, quantitatively, generic features of fluctuations in a driven system far from thermal equilibrium.

Electromechanical systems have opened the path to the exploration of the correlations between charge transport and the dynamics of the localized resonators. For example, they display a variety of interesting phenomena such as nonlinear dynamical effects induced by the electron transport or the crossover from classical to quantum behaviour of the resonator itself.

The goal of this mini-colloquium is to bring together the international research community engaged in fundamental research on such systems. From one side it is intended to promote the cross-fertilization of ideas, approaches, and techniques in this rapidly developing area. From the other side, it aims at gathering leading experts and young researchers on highly topical activities in this field, including among others: nonlinear dynamics, nonlinear dissipation, electromechanical systems, thermal and thermoelectrical effects in nanoresonators, noise sensing, nonlinear modes coupling, quantum nanomechanical and hybrid systems.

The mini-colloquium will consist of 8 invited talks and several slots for contributed talks. We will particularly encourage submissions from junior scientists, including graduate students, postdocs, and junior faculty. We will also invite the participants, who do not give oral presentations, to present a poster.

Invited speakers

  • Yaroslav M. Blanter (TU Delft, Netherlands)
  • Selim Hanay (Bilkent University, Turkey) 
  • Laure Mercier de Lépinay (Aalto University, Finland) 
  • Fabio Pistolesi (LOMA, Bordeaux, France)        
  • Peter Steeneken (TU Delft, Netherlands)                               
  • Ignacio Wilson-Rae (University of York) 
  • Pierre Verlot (University of Lyon, France) 
  • Olivier Arcizet (Institut Néel, Grenoble, France)  

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