The rise in power and sophistication of artificial intelligence (AI) is ushering in a revolution in biological sciences and holds the potential to alter our understanding of life's fundamental processes. Strengthening the nexus between AI and biological physics research can serve as a potent catalyst for scientific progress, fostering crucial cross-disciplinary collaborations and propelling discoveries. We aim to provide a platform for knowledge exchange and synergy between experts in physics, biology, and AI. Physicists can leverage their expertise in modeling complex systems to develop computational tools capable of simulating biophysical phenomena at an unprecedented level of detail. Biologists, armed with vast datasets and experimental insights, can guide the training and application of these tools, ensuring their biological realism and relevance. AI specialists, in turn, can craft innovative techniques for data analysis, pattern recognition, and prediction. This cross-pollination will spark the development of novel research questions and methodologies, propelling the field forward. We will explore questions such as how AI can analyze protein structures, identifying hidden patterns and predicting how these molecular machines behave under different conditions. AI models can capture the intricate relationships between cells, tissues, and organs, allowing researchers to virtually probe the inner workings of life. Ultimately, we aim to quantify the potential of using AI across the physics of life remit.

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